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Code4Charity is a student run organization, currently based in Morgantown, West Virginia, with a mission to spark an interest in computer science while giving back to the community. The organization is dedicated to developing free mobile apps and websites for underfunded, local non-profit organizations.

Our Mission


"To inspire and improve our community, one ';' at a time."

Code4Charity motto

What we've Done

Code4Charity is dedicated toward helping underfunded nonprofit organizations obtain technological resources to further their cause.

Apps developed for nonprofit organizations

60+ Meetings held for community service

3 Websites created for good causes

Our partners


our chapters

Morgantown High School


Morgantown, WV

Tesla STEM High School


Redmond, Washington

Cedarcrest High School


Duvall, Washington

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics


Durham, North Carolina

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