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The call for help

The average low-level mobile app can cost a whopping $12,700 for commercial production. For nonprofit organizations, the amount of money that could pay for a mobile application would be better off spent on direct efforts, but a great disadvantage is present without the outreach and accessibility of a mobile app. As an organization, we are dedicated to providing these nonprofit organizations with the needed technological aids. We supply satisfactory apps for free to those unable to afford them, from homeless shelters to companies as prestigious as United Way. In the process of helping nonprofit organizations, we increase the interest in computer science, helping out our community for the better.

Create a chapter

As a national organization, we can always use the help of more passionate individuals! If there is not a chapter near you and you are interested in spreading our mission to your community, contact us to receive more information about starting your own chapter of Code4Charity!

Our Chapters

Morgantown High School

Morgantown, WV

Point of Contact: Michael Yan (

Tesla STEM High School

Redmond, WA

North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics

Durham, NC



Point of Contact: Agnim Agarwal (

Cedarcrest High School

Duvall, WA

Points of Contact: Vivek Patel  ( and Cedric Nagata (

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