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Our Mission

The problem

Despite the rapid advances in our age of technology, the average commercial-level mobile application still poses an astronomical cost for nonprofit organizations seeking to further their cause. As an organization, we are dedicated to providing these nonprofit organizations with the needed technological aids, free of charge.


The average, low-level mobile application can cost up to $12,700 for commercial production. For non-profit organizations seeking to improve the community, the amount of money that could pay for a mobile application would be better off spent on direct efforts. However, a great disadvantage is present without the outreach and accessibility of a mobile app altogether. This is why we believe it to be important to provide such costly applications for free to these organizations to better aid their efforts in improving our community and world.

The average, low-level mobile app can cost up to $12,700, but development and maintenance for higher-level apps can extend upwards above $500,000.

Our Solution



We Develop

Code4Charity sprung up from the desire to aid communities in need of technological assistance. Technology is growing worldwide and bringing about many positive changes, yet many regions lack the resources necessary to use technology to their advantage. In Morgantown, West Virginia, many groups need support.  This support takes the form of computer programming.  However, such support is expensive, making the acquisition of it a major issue. Code4Charity provides such aid for free. Our mission is to develop mobile apps, websites, and electronic flyers for organizations in need.

So far, Code4Charity has released 6 mobile apps and multiple websites. Organizations we have helped include the United Way of MPC and Morgantown High School (see our "Projects" tab for more information). Code4Charity is growing across the nation with four chapters, each in a different state.  








"Wow. We’ve never been able to consider an app because of the cost, and we [really] appreciate all the work you have put in to make this dream a reality."

-Brett White, Executive Director of the United Way of MPC

As an organization, the aim of Code4Charity is to alleviate the financial burden many nonprofit organizations incur during their expansion of technological resources by providing free mobile apps and website to these initiatives.

We Inspire


Code4Charity is also helping to grow computer science interest in future generations.  We are working to bring app development programs to middle schools in the Morgantown area.  A diverse academic curriculum can yield great benefits, and our team believes that with code and compassion, we can make a positive change.  Ultimately, we hope to inspire and improve our community, one ';' at a time.

Our impact

We've worked with organizations across the country to help further their causes. See some of the places we've worked with below!

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